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Minimalism and Decluttering 101

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Minimalism is about keeping only the things that you actually need. It’s all about allowing yourself to breathe by decluttering what is unnecessary in your space and eventually, in your everyday lifestyle.


  1. Go through each space in your home.

Every now and then, make it a habit to sort through your things in your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or kitchen. Then ask yourself if each item still serves a purpose in your home, but try not to let sentimental value get in the way of your sorting. Some items might already be completely useless. You can also donate some of your things because they even might serve a better purpose for other people.


  1. Switch to using a tote bag.

Reduce the use of plastic and paper bags by bringing your own tote bag for grocery day or shopping day. This also reduces the waste that you accumulate at home. A big part of minimalism is also making an effort to reduce the waste that you end up with from your everyday consumptions.


  1. Purchase only what you need.

This can be a tough task since some may tend to resort to retail therapy and end up buying something only because they appreciated it the moment they saw it, only for them to realize a few days later that they don’t actually need it.


  1. Learn to improvise.

You don’t always have to rush to the department store once a need comes to mind. There are so many books, online sources, and even workshops now on how to DIY almost anything. Yes, it can be more time-consuming, but improvising and learning to DIY allows you address your specific needs, plus, you also save on money.  


  1. Keep all your daily essentials in one place.

Usually, your watch, keys, phone, cords, and other daily essentials can be found all over the place. To save yourself from the chore of looking for all of them, why not keep them all in one place and in an organized way. This also gets rid of your clutter problem since all of your essentials are right where you need them to be. Krate’s Organizers offer this solution for your decluttering needs and help you on the road to minimalism as well. Get yours now and make each day hassle-free!

Article by Kyla Coco

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