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All orders after Dec. 18 will be delivered after Christmas
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Why You Need Krate’s Monday Essentials Organizer Now

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Have you ever had those moments wherein you’re in a real hurry to leave and you need to wear all your accessories and look for your essentials then put them in your bag? Isn’t it pretty time-consuming when you have to look for all these items in different places? Have you ever had a friend call you to go out just when you’ve taken off everything when you got home? What a hassle to put them all back! The Monday organizer by Krate may just be your lifesaver!

The Monday organizer isn’t just an aesthetic to add to your desk. It’s actually an organizer you never knew you needed. In this day and age when our phones are vital in our everyday communication, it’s important to have them by your side all the time (except when you’re sleeping or taking a bath!). The phone holder on the Monday organizer can do much more than just that. Aside from your phone standing upright while you’re not using it, you can charge your phone as well!

As someone who wears glasses and accessories everyday, it’s important for me to put all these items in one place. I can’t put my glasses in my jewelry box and I can’t put my accessories in my glasses case. I don’t want to risk scratching one or the other. The Monday organizer offers a win-win solution: I get to put my glasses (or shades if it’s a hot day) just in front of my phone and I can place my accessories and keys on the top shelf or hung around the keychain holder. This way, I can look for them easily!

Whether you’re still studying or already working, we’ve all been told to never leave the house without an I.D. Most of us (if not all of us) place one in our wallets. Either you use a bag or just put them in your pockets, it sucks when you forget where you place them. But if you have the Monday organizer, you don’t need to look any further! The top and bottom shelves offer a space where you can place your wallets, coin purses, or even just your coins!

The key to not losing your keys is to put them in one place. Where better to place them than along with your other essential things? The holder can hold not just your accessories, but your keys as well. It can actually hold anything that has a ring attached to it. As the wise Beyoncé once said, “Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it!”

It’s these small little things that we hardly notice in our routines that we didn’t think we can actually improve. These little frustrations actually cater to a cluttered mind and starting the day on the wrong foot. Having a good day comes from embarking on the day right. What better way to start a good week than with the Monday organizer—because Mondays shouldn’t be that bad!


Article by Clarisse Bathan

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